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Real Estate in Bali - Tropis Living - References

Jeroen Franken Bali

by Client:

During the last seven months Tropis Living has been "the company" for building our villa in Northern Bali. From the moment we chose the beautiful plot that, Tropis Living associate Jeroen Franken, proposed to us, we could start thinking about a new home in paradise. The formalities between us, Nyoman Arya Astawa,the official Indonesian plot-holder as well as Tropis Living partner, and the local notary went correctly and smooth.

By expressing our dream to Kadek Januartha, the architect, Willem Meulenbroeks and Roland Leijten, associates of Tropis Living, it became clear to us that we were dealing with a very professional team. All those factors confirmed to us that we were in "good hands". The "full service" Tropis Living concept is very transparent, with a fantastic guidance and very trust worthy. The continuous updates of the construction of our dream house complemented with pictures and comments by field managers Willem and Roland, the constant feedback, advice regarding our questions /decisions gave us the confidence that they were in total control of the project. We just would sit back and relax, while our villa was being build.

The result is stunning! Amazing! A beautiful minimalistic design surrounded by gorgeous nature! The after sale service is probably one of the best example of the "full service" concept, Exceptional! Tropis Living : "There goal is to realize your dream house and us to let them do so!".....while staying within the agreed budget price. Without hesitation we would like them to build another villa for us! We would like to add a special thank you note to Roland ...for his extreme professional approach, for taking the extra time showing us around several villas, discussing ideas, coping with the smallest details of our requests ....and most of all for creating an amazing garden ...confirming to us with his creativity to be skilled landscape designer.


I am grateful for the opportunities Bali has given me, and the people who I work with, local and foreign.