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Real Estate in Bali - Tropis Living - References

Jeroen Franken Bali

by Client:

My husband, Robert, first visited Lovina in March 2014 on a short vacation. We have been expats living and working in the Middle East since the year 1999. We had begun to realise that we needed a house but did not want to go back to the UK, where I am from, or Australia, where Robert is from.

We had been looking at Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines but when Robert visited Lovina he felt that it was right for us. In the May of 2014 we both went to Lovina to see what the property situation was. After some research we contacted Tropis Living. Jeroen met us at our hotel the very next day to show us properties available to buy but nothing really took our fancy. We had seen from the Tropis website that they also built houses but thought the undertaking would be too much for us to manage from afar. The next day Jeroen took me to see some newly built houses for clients. I must say, it was hard not to be impressed at the design and beauty of the properties and the thought crept in, "could I really own a house like this?"

Robert wanted somewhere in the hills, not too far from town and towards the end of the day we visited a piece of land that was for sale. It was a spit of land on the side of the hill and the views all around were just stunning. It only took a few conversations between Robert and myself before we decided that we could buy the land and build a dream house.

The path from buying the land to building the villa could not have been smoother. We hired a lawyer, recommended by a friend to check out the contracts and all the paperwork and it was all correct without any hitches. We bought the land in August 2014 and once all contracts were signed and down payments made work began. We received emailed pictures from the very minute ground was broken. We were kept involved every step of the way and given enough thinking and planning time to make our own decisions. Robert wanted specific solar power and a salt water swimming pool. The combined efforts of Robert’s research and contact made by the guys at Tropis Living made sure that Robert’s wishes were met.

Throughout the whole process we never felt that we were being pressured to accept something we did want or understand. We were involved where needed and never had any worries or felt there were any trust issues. All the guys at Tropis make you feel comfortable and welcome yet fully professional in their abilities. Even now almost one year after completion, the Tropis team are on hand to help fix any little niggles that may arise at our beautiful dream house in Lovina. They are always willing to help out and give guidance. We feel lucky and privileged to have found such a comprehensive, professional service.

Marybeth and Robert.

I am grateful for the opportunities Bali has given me, and the people who I work with, local and foreign.