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Jeroen Franken Bali

by Client:

In May 2012 we spent our holiday in a beautiful villa in Lokapaksa, North Bali. Although the objective of our stay was "holiday" it had another result. So it happened that we made an appointment with Tropis Living to get an idea of the possibilities in North Bali to build and rent a villa. A drive with Jeroen Franken resulted in an enthusiastic experience with the construction plots at Brongbong, the place we bought in June 2012 two lots for two wonderful villas. In September 2012, the construction of the first villa started, in February 2013 for the second villa. The coordination and building was executed and managed by Tropic Living. Although stories of buying land and building in Bali are not always that positive, we have a totally different experience. With the lawyer associated to Tropis Living, decent contracts were drafted, taking into account our specific situation ( purchase by a legal entity established in the Netherlands ). The formalities at the notary were “easy-going”, although the Balinese way. Furthermore, the fact that the name holder of our plots, Nyoman Arya Astawa, is directly connected to Tropis Living, gives a good feeling. At the start of the construction, it showed immediately that Tropis Living had good and long term contacts and contracts with the contractor, subcontractors and construction workers, but also with the local people and priests. After the necessary ceremonies both villas were built swiftly.

As a director / shareholder, entrepreneur and lawyer, I am used to having full control of my activities. Therefore, I anticipated it would be difficult to manage this big project, being not in the situation to influence the process. Fortunately, reality turned out to be completely different. In various ways, we had contact ( skype, facebook and whatsapp ), but more importantly, it was not necessary to have that much discussions. Prior to construction, we had several extensive meetings with the architect, Willem Meulenbroeks and Roland Leijten, to discuss all possible details and to make decisions. And where in the Netherlands an additional outlet (power supply) will cost additional money, a lot of alterations and additional wishes were possible for the original price. During the construction activities, Roland and Willem made a lot of pictures, so we were fully informed of the progress. For questions or uncertainties detailed pictures were made, we had a short consultation, and thus the two villas were completed in May 2013 and September 2013 to our complete satisfaction. A villa in Bali is not just a building, it also includes a beautiful garden, swimming pool, jacuzzi, lighting plan and ornaments.

We were pleased that Roland brings his experience as a gardener in the Netherlands, also in Bali in practice. His advice, design and supervision has shown a good basis for the entire exterior of both villas. Perhaps most surprised, we are about the service of Tropic Living in delivery and after-sales. This is important, as the villa is only finished when the last hook has been fastened and the villa is furnished. And here Tropis Living also turned out to be helpful, with several addresses in the "south", coordinating and controlling the receipt of all goods and various tips and tricks. On the day of the delivery of the villa, also the day we saw the finished villa, we were stunned at the outcome. Conclusion, I love to recommend Tropis Living as a full service project company and I would be happy to provide further information on our experience.

B.J.B. ( Bart ) Boersma LL.M. B.Sc

I am grateful for the opportunities Bali has given me, and the people who I work with, local and foreign.