Helping in Bali

Give a bit back to Bali

Jeroen Franken Bali

Besides being a beautiful tropical island, Bali has a lot of poverty too. It is easy to feel that people (and animals) need help. Our businesses in Bali provide a small contribution to the economy in Bali. We employ a lot of people.

Doing a bit more

Here are some of the things our companies do:

- Donations to schools: school tools, such as books, shoes, etc
- Sponsoring the yearly Lovina Festival
- Participate in the Lovina Beach cleanup
- Sponsoring the Lovina Sail Festival
- We donate rice, eggs, cooking oil, noodles to "our" village Kaliasem
- Support "our" village Kaliasem with garbage collection
- We build homes for people living where we do our projects
- We donated for temple construction
- We donate for religious ceremonies
- We have helped two children with paying for surgery they could not have survived without
- We donate 500kg of rice every year to the Muslim community on Idul Fitri

I am grateful for the opportunities Bali has given me, and the people who I work with, local and foreign.