Jeroen Franken in Bali

At Home in Paradise

Jeroen Franken Bali

Hi, my name is Jeroen Franken and I am a Dutch National, living in Bali for close to 20 years. I guess I am one of those people who are sensitive to the special atmosphere Bali has, and fell in love with the island the first time I visited. My wife and I found a spot in North Bali (a long time ago already) where we felt at home, and we built a house there. Our friends and aquintances in the Netherlands became interested in what we had done, and it did not take long before we were able to help others to realize their dream home in Bali as well.

Grateful for Bali

Together with a Indonesian and Dutch partner I started a company, and I became a serious real estate developer. Living and working in Bali has been a learning process and I am happy to have found good local partners helping the company on its way. Now, close to 20 years later, hundreds of villas have been built and sold by the companies I have been involved with. My wife and I have divorced, but we both still live and love Bali. I have found a new partner, and got involved in new businesses, such as the Spice Beach Club Lovina and Alcovina, run by my partner Rose.

I am grateful for the opportunities Bali has given me, and the people who I work with, local and foreign.